The Gazette – Bingo Burger Dining Review

Did Nathaniel Glen really find the perfect burger in Pueblo?

It’s what’s inside that really counts at Bingo Burger

Leave it to teenagers flipping prefab frozen parts and it risks losing its hand-made soul. Try to doll it up too fancy, with a cloth napkin and an arugula sprig and it risks losing its working-class heart. To find the perfect balance, go to Pueblo.

In the surprisingly ungritty heart of the Steel City sits Bingo Burger, the latest venture by Pueblo’s first epicurean couple, Mary Oreskovich and Richard Warner. Bingo Burger does not look so different from a classic burger joint. You order at the counter, the goods come in a little plastic basket or a bag to go.

It’s what’s inside that counts. Each burger is made fresh from local grass-fed beef and served with hand-cut fries made from San Luis Valley potatoes. Shakes are blended from homemade ice cream. The menu isn’t fancy; it’s just plain old delicious.

Of course, nothing but excellence is expected when Oreskovich and Warner are involved. The couple trained at the Culinary Institute of America in New York, then, in 1999, opened Steel City Diner — an intimate white-tablecloth spot serving American classics crafted from organic, local ingredients. It was an instant hit, but a scuffle with the landlord forced them to close in 2006. They opened the wildly popular Hopscotch Bakery, serving cakes, pastries and sandwiches a short time later. They unveiled Bingo Burger in 2009.

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