Bingo Burger is Locally Grown and Proud!

Bingo Burger is owned and operated by folks just like you who are committed to our community, economy and environment.

We use only the freshest, highest quality ingredients and whenever possible, we source locally. Our beef, chicken and lamb are all raised naturally and in open pastures, right here in Colorado. Our potatoes are grown in the San Luis valley and are cooked in 100% trans-fat free canola oil. Our thick and creamy milkshakes/malts are crafted with ice cream from pueblo’s own hopscotch bakery. We feature Colorado craft beers brewed in small batches. Here at bingo burger we cook your food to order…and the wait is worth it!

We proudly support local farmers and ranchers. We care about our environment, utilizing plant-based recyclables whenever possible and recycling our oil, glass, aluminum and cardboard. Bingo burger is local, and proud of it… we think you’ll notice the difference!

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Goat Hill Burger

goat cheese + mushrooms + Lemon-rosemary aioli on a lamb burger

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The Junction Burger

chicken burger + bacon + swiss + guacamole + multigrain bun

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Peppersauce Bottoms Burger

thai peanut sauce + caramelized onions on a bingo burger

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Bingo Burger Malts & Milk Shakes

Bingo Burger Shakes: 4.95
Bingo Burger Malts: 5.25

shake or malt w/ hopscotch bakery ice cream
vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or caramel

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