Delicious Burgers, Fries, Shakes and More!

The namesake Bingo Burger was launched during Pueblo’s Annual Chile & Frijole Festival in 2007. Chef/Owner Richard Warner set up a grill in front of his wife’s Hopscotch Bakery and grilled hundreds of burgers for folks hungry for something different. He capitalized on the unique flavor of the locally-grown and roasted Pueblo chile and mixed them right into the beef before grilling. BINGO! The Bingo Burger was born. These burgers proved to be so popular a brick and mortar shop opened its doors in 2010 in the heart of Pueblo’s Creative Corridor.

Burgers and fries cooked to order, creamy milkshakes and malts and icy, cold Colorado craft beers all served in a fun and funky atmosphere make Bingo Burger a winner with locals and out-of-towners alike.

— What is a Bingo Burger? —

Pueblo, CO, sits smack-dab in the middle of Colorado’s high desert. Its climate is perfect for growing the beloved Pueblo Chile. Long, hot days, an abundance of sunshine and cool nights result in a spicy, sweet and robust chile pepper. The Pueblo Chile, beloved by locals and gaining popularity nationwide, are what give the signature Bingo Burger its special quality…they’re mixed right in. BINGO!

— We Are Local & Support Local —

Bingo Burger is extremely proud of its connection to our local community. We go to great lengths to source our ingredients within a 100-mile range of our locations. And without hesitation we believe a strong connection to our local community also leads to a vibrant economy and a healthy population.

— We Believe in Health - For People, Economy & Environment

These days, the catchphrase ‘local’ gets thrown around a great deal and can lose its significance. But here at BIngo Burger, we still take ‘local’ very seriously. Over the years, we have found that being committed to buying and supporting local as much as possible  is rewarding in many ways. We know the farmers who grow our cattle and our potatoes. We know the bakers who bake our buns, the folks who spin our ice cream and the brewers who craft our beer. These relationships foster a healthy economy, a healthy community and a healthy, thriving restaurant. Local is the way to go!

Always use the freshest, highest-quality ingredients (we’re convinced that it’s worth it!)


Here are just a few of the breweries and distilleries we feature in our humble locations!